Monday, November 15, 2010

Doodle Pages

  I had the opportunity to illustrate a favorite children's story in college. Many Moons by James Thurber. It is about a sick princess who wants the moon. Her father, the king, is enraged when the wizards, the Lord High Chamberlain, and the mathematician court cannot get the moon. In the end, it is the jester who realizes that the princess thinks the moon is only as big as her thumbnail and made of gold, so he goes to the goldsmith, who makes a necklace with a gold sphere on it and gives it to the princess telling her it is the Moon. The King then worries that she will see the moon in the sky that night and realize that the necklace was not the real moon. The king is enraged again when the wizards, the Lord High Chamberlain, and the mathematician court cannot think of proper ways to hide the fact that the Princess does not have the Moon.   The jester is again the one to figure out what the princess is thinking. The princess thinks that whenever something is taken, it is replaced, like her tooth, a unicorn's horn and flowers

My Favorite part from the Emperor's New Clothes...

Got any fries to go with that shake?

Internings dooodizzles..

 I was fortunate enough to intern at Cartoon Network and had the opportunity to work/meet some great artists and people. I also got the opportunity to work with their artwork for signs at Comic Con. Here are some ideas I had in mind for some "End of the Line" designs and name badges. All artwork is Property of CNS.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Oldies but Goodies

Life Drawing
Character Study

Character Design


Hi Everyone! It's been sooo long since a post! Procrastination is such an ugly, ugly...monkey on your back. But it's time to kick it in gear and share alll I've been working on while being the Design Demon at Fox and otherwise! Blogs are always the best. I collect them like Facebook collects fans! Whoa....maybe not so prolific....but I do have my favorite blogs and like to share them with you. Some are friends with wicked talent, some are amazing artists I derive inspiration from , and some are...just..awesome..(o_0). Hopefully, one day my blog will be "collected" in such a way. In the meantime, Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!